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    Wallspan PV Façade systems with back ventilation offers maximum latitude when creating the exterior envelop of a new or renovated structure. It provides the structural benefits of continuous pressure compensation between conditions outside and behind the façade along with the planning and installation reliability of a rational system solution.

    We provide 3 models from an extremely wide range of materials, with numerous surfaces, and in maximum dimensions of up to 2500 x 6000 mm, or in customized formats on requests. Also connection solutions are available for all common window profile.


    Ventilated Facades -Europanel

    Wallspan PVF- Euro panel is the panel of choice when vertically structured surfaces need to convey a serene, organic impression. Regardless of the material or surface selected , the rounded edges of the wall panels create a clean joint pattern with soft shading. Wallspan euro panel also offers impressive functionality with many clever details. The highly versatile substructure profiles can be installed in many ways. They ensure drainage while reliably channeling rainwater at the same time with no wear prone seals what so ever. In addition to making installation fast & easy special suspension clips also decoupled the panels from the substructure, so movement due to thermal expansion and construction remains silent.



    Ventilated Facades- Europlate

    Wallspan PVF- Europlate is the system for exuberant Facades. The stark visual effect is achieved by even façade plates without beveled edges, which are installed in an offset configuration by means of a concealed bracket system in the back. This even makes it possible to create stone and glass facades with the Europlate system, which is mounted to the same versatile substructure as Europanel system. It’s intelligent profiles handle the draining function without any seals whatsoever, and permit easy, rapid, and therefore cost-effective installation.


    Ventilated Facades – Ecopanel

    Whenever horizontal lines give texture to a façade or an interior wall, Wallspan PVF- Ecopanel is the cost effective solution with all of the quantities of Wallspan ventilated curtain wall systems by POHL. These plank wall panels with multiple beveled edges are available in a variety of materials such as aluminium, Stainless steel in different surfaces and decors, and almost unlimited range of colours.

    The panels can be fastened easily and rapidly to the substructure made of extruded angle profiles. And the substructure, in turn, allows for highly versatile adaption to the given system depth: special aluminium wall anchors make it possible.

    • Panels up to 2500 x 6000mm
    • Grid dimensions of any size may be selected
    • Thickness between 1 and 6 mm
    • Matereials: aluminium, stainless steel, copper, steel and zinc
    • Surfaces: untreated, polished, patterned, anodized, galvanized, powder coated and PVDF- coated
    • Façade
    • Feature walls


    Arnoldus POHL laid the foundation for a family business in 1856 and 160 years later became an owner managed group of companies and one of market leader in the field of Façades. POHL group comprises of eight companies and some 600 employees in Germany and abroad at seven production site.