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    Wallspan provides a range engineered roof top gardening solutions. Our aim is to connect today’s extremely busy working community with nature. Having a rooftop garden provide room to rest & enjoy outdoor everyday at work , and at home. Hence Wallspan Plante Vertical Garden system is a ideal solution for urban environment where no space available for garden in residential & commercial constructions. Also will add value to your organization by providing unique customer experience. is a long lasting benefit while provide comfort in day today life.


    Versi Cell:

    • High compressive strength in excess of 100t/m² but lightweight

    • High surface area and internal void volume

    • Efficient water capture and discharge Interlocks in one plane and also at right angles to one another Flexibility in design and configuration

    • Rapid assembly minimises on-site disruption

    • Resistant to biological attack

    • Not affected by wide range of soil-borne chemicals

    • Narrow profile enables greater soil depth in planter beds Relieves hydrostatic pressure on retaining walls

    Versi Drain:

    • Retains water for plant irrigation

    • Efficient drainage of excess water

    • Resistant to biological attack and soil-borne chemicals

    • Narrow profile enables greater media depth


    Versi Cell:

    • Green roofs and landscaped decks

    • Paved areas and roadways

    • Sports fields

    • Retaining/basement walls

    • Pond filtration

    • Bridge abutments

    • Tunnels and landfills

    • Golf course


    • Extensive green roof


    Established in 1985, Elmich Pte Ltd is now a leading provider of state-of-the-art and ecologically-minded urban landscaping, waterproofing, drainage, and storm water management solutions to building developers, contractors, and landscape architects around the world.

    Though headquartered in Singapore, Elmich’s outlook is global, supported by offices in Guangzhou, Sydney, Seattle and Zurich. And we work closely with our network of distributors covering 6 continents in over 20 countries.

    At Elmich, we pride ourselves as a professional, responsible and eco-sensitive company. With ISO 9001:2008 and SS ISO 22301:2012 certifications, we are confident of serving our customers and stakeholders with quality, innovation and resilience. Everyone who works at Elmich is driven by one singular passion – enhancing lives for you and future generations.