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    Light Roof ; manufactured by Rodeca in Germany is a wallspans’ proud introduction to Sri Lankan design community. It is extremely light weight as well as carries high impact & thermal properties. Light roof is a weather resistant roofing solution and allows natural light in to the building while blocking UV. Applicable for internal & external space for both flat & curved applications. Is a ideal system to provide flexible solution for roofing & canopies in different sizes & shapes. Prevent water leaked inside the building by the seam of the panel.

    Light roof saves energy from effective use of day light and reduce consumption of light bulbs. Also it reduce your AC bill due to heat insulation properties of the panel. It’s a ideal solution for commercial buildings in this sense and especially for factories.


    • Heat insulation

    • Light weight

    • Thermal properties

    • High impact resistance

    • Good long term performance through UV protection

    • Weather resistance

    • Reduce energy cost by reduced light bulbs and less AC consumption

    • Water proof

    • Available in range of colours

    • Demountable & reusable

    • Quick & easy installation

    • Translucent

    • Heat & temperature resistance

    • 200 times stronger than glass

    • Shatter proof


    • Facade

    • Decorative & Sun shading with perforated facade

    • Interior Walls Roofing

    • Rainwater systems



    Rodeca is the inventor and one of the market leader in the field of translucent façade cladding. Wallspan is an exclusive agent of Rodeca products.

    More than 40 years of RODECA is also the history of revolutionary ideas and pioneering innovations. Yet the company has not only kept up with the times, it has also continued to set trends- with alternative construction materials and intelligent system solutions. And while fashions have come and gone in the construction industry, Rodeca has always remained one thing: the inventor and one of the market leaders in the field of translucent façade cladding. Its pioneering spirit has already left its mark in many of the major cities in the world.

    Wallspan as an exclusive agent of Rodeca products answers to the issues faced by the today’s business construction professionals